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Literature and Poetry/

Dotan Brom

Candle Lighting

Walking in the darkness day by day

With tired steps, no feelings and no sound.

Hungry with no knowledge, wishing to feel

The memory of the day that crumbled like sand.


Broken watch hands misguided our way

On the daily journey that had no land nor an end;

Dolls and masks in a knee-deep procession

In a fitting night routine, as the beating of a drum.


We knew no transgression, we knew no fear.

We knew no courage, truth or love.

But when we looked above at the shining moon

We knew that perhaps the stars have a response.


The give faded light into the deep darkness –

As we recall sanctity! So is that ember's glow

That burns within us and endlessly yearning for

a mother, a sister, a daughter, for illumination and light blue.


Behold, the light is hidden within the depth of hearts!

One can yet create Shabbat and dreams!

To simply raise your eyes and gaze ahead –

To meet a glimpse,

To pull out friendship from the abyss.


We shall yet stretch out our hands – we'll hold those of a sister

In dance, in a ceremony, in a storm of sweat and blood.

As we look in the eyes, with no words nor blessings

We'll light the candles.

The candles of man's soul.


We'll ignite our souls – wicks of man and fire.

As a result - the universe will be born into light

A single truth we may still ask for –

As long as the candle burns

A fix is still – possible.

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