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Literature and Poetry/
Rosh Hashana

Fania Bergstein


A new year, to your pace we shall listen
Your carriage at the openings of our gates rises,
Joyous dreams will greet you,
Expectant hearts will tell you a prayer.

Wipe off all the tears of grief and sorrow,
Make sad hearts happy with the news,
Light an unexpected joy in sparkling eyes
And spread skies of light and joy on every house 


Please strengthen the hands of the bearers,
In the daily paths, in the secular dust,
Raise the light of grace from the blackened clods
And compensate the hard working with sharp crops.


A new year, you are ascending our gates,
And your hands are dripping from the blessing of the seas,
The light of tomorrow on your face is glowing,
And all the hearts for you are beating.

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