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Rosh Hashana

Reut Ron

A prayer for the new year

by Lea Goldberg, Natan Alterman, Yehuda Amichai, Yaakov Shavit

I hope that the days ahead will be

Days of forgiveness and grace, days of innocent walking

Let the quiet grow within us

That we will see and know and feel that things are simple we are allowed to touch them

And it is allowed, it is allowed to love

And that we have the courage to do so.

That we could see the trees with their murmuring leaves,

And the dizzying air from up high,

And we shall not suffice in writing about them

We will aspire to touch their hearts

Let us remember that from the place where we are right,

Flowers in spring

Will never grow

Let us try and be less righteous

More attentive, observing, loving.

Let us have a sense of how the wall of speeches broke

Hear sweet stammers

To know that those who love are right

And a moment of our life is precious once again

That our hope will exaggerate and transcend boundaries.

I wish we could write the world in our own handwriting

And ourselves in the handwriting of the world

In endless calligraphy

That we will have the strength to do and also to stop and rest,

Let us have the courage to look at each other's eyes,

Without looking down, with apology and guilt

And without avoidance, and look up to the ideals and the spirit

That we will have the valor to start marching in new paths,

As well as the perseverance to continue the journeys we have already embarked on,

That we will be able to continue what we want,

And not just wanting what we already have

Let us know how to experience and not just visit

And we will be able to please, to love, and to be happy

With small daily smiles

And with great joy of a holiday.

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