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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Natan Yonatan

A Legend: There was once a man and he is no more

There was once a man

This is how we like to read in the stories of our lives

Being as an old story, transparent and sad and comforting

There was once a man who had many troubles

And his heart was too small to contain his sorrow

And the sorrow of the world

There was once a man, and he loved the beauty of people

He was enchanted: following her, following

Until extinguished like a candle

There was once a man and his whole life

He said to form the fire in his heart like a vision

Which was alight in front of his eyes

And when his fire dimmed a little

And frost touched his fingers –

Until another candle lights until it is extinguished

Until it is extinguished

And then to record in the dripping beeswax of life

Like resin from the trees in the everlasting forest

By his own hand to record

The story of his life: there was once a man....

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