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Literature, Poetry, Theory/
Birth and Circumcision
Who Will He Look Like

Meron Isaacson

The time has come and the decision is ahead;

Who will child look like

Perhaps to a naughty boy within his skin

And one from whom strength erupts

The child also asks to decide himself

Looks at photographs of his parents before he was born

Looks over his entire body:

“Even before I was born

I took you upon myself

I have a body that has grown more”

A child who is similar, travels, parks, exchanges

“I choose for me a craving, I play in courtyards

I park with fear, I am fearful for Dad

He has voices hung upon him, before, before

I am always before”

Who does the child look like, now I am asking for a result

A type of border, a certain eye

A line to start and the side that has arrived

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