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To visit grandfather

Mira Meir

To visit grandfather

The thing I love best

Is to travel and visit

Grandpa David and Grandma Esther

They have a sort of funny house

And mother says it is ancient

And in their house there is an old paraffin lamp

Hanging on the wall – perhaps for a hundred years

And chairs

That are very old

And mainly, mainly

The main thing is

The cupboard

The book cupboard

Grandpa David loves to read

Beautiful books from distant lands

Books with pictures and with photographs

Of pure snow or ancient forests

And he also has – especially for me

Photographs of animals

From the virgin forests

And my grandfather knows all of them

And he reads and shows me and explains

And therefore the thing that I love most of all

Is not the circus and not playing outside

And not marbles and not swimming in the sea

And not a cold ice lolly or a hot corn cob

But rather a visit to my grandfather David

Because of the stories

And because he has time for me


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