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To grandfather a gift

Natan Yonatan

To grandfather a gift

Everyone will become old throughout the years

Therefore we will sing the song to the old man:

Yesterday you were eighty years old, old man,

We went to visit you, and the children came too

We knocked quietly on his door, we waiting for a moment

He got up, opened it and it seemed he was a little scared;

And then he asked slightly embarrassed:

“What is it, have some parcels arrived? Cigarettes, newspapers?”

Then someone gave him a huge bouquet of roses;

“Don’t pretend old man, you are eighty today”

What can we say, he was excited that lovely grandfather

He was excited like a child and also cried a bit

So we didn’t know what to say at such a time

How to bless him, how to you lift an old man on a chair?

What gift do you bring to someone who is eighty today

And in his weakened eyes, eighty years are illuminated!

Yesterday one old man became eighty years old

We went to visit him together with the children

With his two weakened eyes, eighty years were illuminated

And this is the song that we brought to him

Instead of a gift

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