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Bar and Bat Mitzvah
The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

On the Sabbath after the boy reaches the age of 13 years and one day most of the Bar Mitzvah children are called by the cantor to read from the weekly Torah portion in public, and they start with “And He shall help and protect” in a pleasant melody….and there are Bar Mitzvah boys whose voices are pleasing and they are knowledgeable of how to pray in public and they pray at the start of the Sabbath “blessed is He” and morning prayers and the additional prayer, all or some of the prayers that they are able….and the father dresses his son for the Bar Mitzvah in new and beautiful clothes, and he wears them at the start of the Sabbath. And during afternoon prayers on the Sabbath he makes a feast for him, and the beadle does not call people to this feast. Only one hour before afternoon prayers the Bar Mitzvah boy calls everyone to carry out a commandment….and tells each of them to eat with him the third meal of the Bar Mitzvah feast.

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