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Birth and Circumcision
May Peace Be With You 

Peace be upon us. And it shall be in Israel.

In a good time a son was born to us. In time redemption will come:
The child will be refreshed. In the shade of my breasts he will complain.

And then he shall look to the Torah. Every religion has a question:
And his origin will be blessed. He will have a long life.

And his table shall be abundant and his altar shall not be redeemed:

His name will be known to all, when he grows he shall be a man
And to see no one is a friend. He shall be like Samuel in his generation
In old age there will be plenty in all goodness.

Peace be upon him and be loved. Amen, so the Lord says:

The circumcised amongst his people shall be to his father and his mother to live.

And his God be with him. And also all the house of Israel.

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