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Ora Eilat

a.  A journey with a black quiff

A pair of plaits on her neck, short trousers

Love, friendship and the joy of youth

A caressing sun, the heavens are blue

The peaks of the mountain are calling to be raised

Here the colours of the scenery, the fragrances of the blossom

And friends pulling with you all the way

Breathless, sweating, and climbing higher and higher

To the peaks of friendship


And hope.

If the backpack is full, the path is winding

And on the route the path is not paved

But we know for whom, and we know for what

We muster more strength to fulfil the task

As far as the eye can see the space captured is spread before us

The heart expands and is proud

Later he discovers another new rock…

it seems we will also overcome it …

b. A journey with silver hair (or with a bald and exposed head)

The sun shone and the sun came

There were flowers in the open spaces and also withering

The days of summer passed, the rains washed everything

The silver-haired elderly man

In the cold seasons and in the days of heat waves

The root deepened in the gardens –

When the time came for golden autumn

The leaves fall, also in the field…

The sun still burns, lights in the skies

However the leg – trips on other paths:

The mountain behind him casts a shadow

The path winds down the descent and opposite him

And it seems, from somewhere, the last sound of the flute

Rolls through a crevice that is pulling down the slopes…

However here we see peaking out in the margins of the pathway

A new and green bud, a leaf and a stalk

Silently it announces without a sound, without a voice

“The grass here nevertheless – cannot!”


Because at the bottom of the valley a bustling sadness:

On the path a group of little ones are climbing

Everyone is happy, gay and calm –

And he will also reach the ridge of the mountain!

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