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Literature, Poetry, Theory/
Eternal Covenant

Ehud Manor & Mati Caspi

Almost soon we are one body  
You put your hand in mine forever

You are mine forever, I am scared

Therefore my whole body trembles continually

On one path


Day, day and night continually, together and alone

To you, to myself, faithful

I love you tonight and with you I am sad

I love you tonight and with you I am excited

To the heart, to the pain

Hope is coming closer

If slowly we disclose a little

Who I am, who you are, and perhaps perhaps we will learn

To give things up

And to give more

And there remains

Only our love

Day, day and night…

Shortly the light will rise

And I am drunk

And I want to remember you
And to keep until the end of days
Till we will pass
And the drum beat will cease.

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