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Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah

Ora Eilat

When they say: Bar Mitzvah – what do they mean?

Who is commanded? And what is commanded? – for sons

Our forefathers, since forever

It was decided that a boy aged thirteen is a man

And an adult – which means in brief

To be a partner with the adults in society

And to be a partner in the society and belonging

Which requires investment of effort

It requires that you know how to decide alone

What to do, and what not to say

It means also to make mistakes

And to learn from them (and not to cover them up)

It requires taking into account the needs of others

Apart from your own, that is an adult!

When our forefathers the sages of the generations

Wanted to show good order

They said: “This is necessary, this is what God commanded”

“We’ll do it and obey” said the people of Israel

And in our times too, here and now

We see that cooperation is an order

To contribute and to belong

That is a summary of being a citizen

Arrangements to keep and obey the law

We also have laws, it is not distant!

If so we can with good spirits

Also say today that this is a commandment

And one who performs this well

Is here to carry out the commandment will think

If that’s the way, friend, on the day of celebration

A blessing from the heart, and much success

Look (pay heed) here everyone: friends, family,

We accompany your growth with much love

And we bless you

May all your wishes are fulfilled

You deserve it because you are Bar Mitzvah!

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