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A Ballad to the Pit & the Creator

Hannah Pinchas-Hacohen

I will not go, I will not after you my love into the pit

No I will not go because my dwelling is the field and I will run into it

I will not descend my love not into the pit

Because on the eve of the Sabbath I must break the bread and bless over it

I must bless the wine and gather the crumbs from the table and disperse them

I will not descend after you I will not descend my love into the pit

The angels came to gather your soul by the hand my love

I kissed your lips the gate closed on them

They left me behind

To look upwards and see

The shadow of wings concealing and how the day turned

I will not descend my love after you into the pit

Because the fear of the dark there is terrible

From the fear that penetrated when the light was extinguished

I will not be able to fulfil your request

All my acts are asking to refuse

Your face will return to the creator

My ears will close on your calling voice

To cover you from the cold in the pit

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