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Birth and Circumcision
A Cooperative Covenant Ceremony

Nir and Yael Harburger

Kibbutz Bustan


On this day we are celebrating the covenant of our father Abraham

“Walk before me faithfully and be blameless” God says to Abraham “and then I will make a covenant between us”.

This is Abraham who serves for us as all that is good in God and multiplication of seed in connected vessels.

This is Abraham, the first in the dynasty of the idol smashers and the repairers of the pieces of the world.

A dynasty of those moving from and within their country, asking for continual success

This is Abraham, the father of the dynasty, and we are proud to continue it

This is Abraham our father.

On this day we again enter into his covenant.

On this day we again stipulate between us the validity of many ancient covenants;

The covenant of Nir and Yael, the covenant of the Harburger and Amir families, the covenant of the members of Kibbutz Bustan;

A covenant of the members of the adult groups of the movement of the groups of choice, the covenant of the Children of Israel,

And the covenant of mankind, saying: This covenant is great and many covenants will come from it” (Genesis Rabbah)

These covenants, that we are renewing today, shall be covenants of love and sharing, equality and justice, freedom and commitment. Today we are again undertaking one to the other,

And this time to you, Shay,

To continue to work to improve the world, into which we have brought you,

Be a witness to the aspirations of our hearts and our efforts, for the small successes and the echoing failures,

For a group of people who ask to walk blamelessly before God, and sometimes they fail.

Over the years may you ask to be part of this family, the family improving the world.

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