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Kaddish from Kibbutz Negba & Others

Shalom Samid

Glorified is the name of the man

Sanctified is his life’s achievement and may we remember

His many deeds during the days of his life

And his accomplishments that he did not succeed in completing

About the dreams that were woven – and dissipated

And about the precious gift and also the human weakness

That disappeared in the mists of time

The memory of the individual and the echoes of his life shall shine in the heavens of our hearts

And his name shall be remembered for as long as the sum

Because the memory of a man is permitted over time

His name shall not be covered with darkness

The commandments of continued life shall give relief to our deep pain

Time passing will give mercy

And we shall save the fruits of his life for many days

May he be glorified and sanctified

May his name endure forever and be continued as long as the sun (Psalm 72:17)

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