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Birth and Circumcision
Covenant Blessing in the Kibbutz

Lotem and Inbal Fran Perach

Yanshuf Group


Man is Born of Nothing Covenant Blessing for birth of Girl in Kibbutz Mishol 2014

Man is born from nothing, from the connection of love between two people – a couple

The creation of man is the greatest creation of love

In colour, in materials from which it is made new life is created, a soul and a heart

And this is not a simple creation. It includes excavating the heart of an individual, of deep and intimate sharing

And long and painful labour pains

However it is the biggest act that man can do

We will bless the wonder of creation of a new person

We will bless the wonder of the creation of Gil and her arrival in the world


In order to make a covenant man needs to keep to his opinion, Gil is still too small

However she has been born into our lives, into our obligations and our commitments

We are introducing her today in our existing covenants

The covenant of the two of us which obligates us to love

The familial covenant which obligates us to care and to take responsibility

The group covenant which obligates us to sharing, trust and understanding

The kibbutz covenant which obligates us to build a safe and warm home

And the social covenant which obligates us to improve the world.

The arrival of Gil revalidates these covenants and renews them

We will raise her so that she learns to discover the person within her

And to make her own covenants in the world

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