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Like a Kaddish - the Psalms of Ein Shemer

Elay Alon

Blessed is the one who walks in the long furrow of life

Until its end

Blessed is the faithful who tirelessly shoulders

The heavy burden

Blessed is the builder, the planter, the one deepening the roots

The one with the thick trunk, whose heart, milk and strength also

Made the earth bloom

Blessed are the dreams of youth

His gait is heavy – but his heart

Is like a bird between the branches

Blessed is the one who closes his eyes and around him the laughter of children

Who salts the animals and the fowl, the labour and the industry

And the whispering of the trees that he planted

The air of the homeland shall be sweet for him

From the shores of its waters and its poverty

Blessed is the one who will harvest the earth

The soil of Ofra shall be sweet for him

And the earth that he dealt with kindly and saturated

Shall return love to him

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