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Ceremonies /
Welcoming the Shabbat In the Month of Tevet

Candle Lighting / Zelda

To light candles in all of the worlds –

Is Shabbat.

To light Shabbat candles

Is a leap of a soul filled with secrets

to a wonderful mysterious sea

Of the flame of sunset.

When I kindle the lights

My room shall turn into the River Dinor,

My heart sinks in cascades of emeralds.


An Evening in the City/ Natan Alterman, Yoni Rechter

A pink sunset among the roofs

Blue asphalt from below

Sad, sad eyes of women

Telling the eve, "why have you come?"


The streetlamps, flowers of the city

Blossom in a scented light

Spring electric sad and yellow

One must not flee its intoxication


He is merely an orphan and only innocent

Born for a moment and then gone

Between the nights and the days

He comes to shine in our eyes


Between the days and the nights

To pretty blue sites – let's go

All our faded souls

Shall devour grass there


The waving hand of a silly girl

Her smile carried off by the car

That which was and what was not

Seems to return again


Now I am very much one

And look very quietly

How the moon reveals himself

From the wall of the house across


My body shrivels and my height is reduced

But my head is so high

So that even if I go

I wouldn't see where I arrive at


A pink sunset at the edge of the street

And a street like a light blue tunnel

Whoever reaches the end of it

would wish to cry – out of great hope


The Time Machine / Rockfour

A different way of life

And through different criterion

without signs and wonders

without pangs of consciousness

Through the generations are seen

all the sons of darkness

all the sons of light

of different societies in different times


Time machine industries ltd.

is proud to present the twenty first century

These are the sights that mock my mind

with a single touch to a different reality

Like the north star in a desolate desert

Sparkling above me

directing my way

In a twisted maze of an imaginary existence

Thinking is light

Knowledge is a value

Kiddush over Wine

Let us look at the wine and its color,

Let us smell its scent,

Let us listen to the sound of clinking glasses,

Let us taste its flavor.

May Shabbat descend upon us

With color, scent, sound and taste...


He Who Makes Peace

He who makes peace in his high places

shall make peace over us

and on all of Israel

and say, and say Amen.


Forgotten Childhood / Nurit Galron, Yehudit Ravitz

An old road

A path in the garden

A tree and a house

Father is here

Mother is there

Here I left

What I was

once long ago

what is now

 a forgotten childhood


A green shack

not far away

A school

Who remained

Who moved

Who is still around


What we were

Once a while ago

What still brings me

to that forgotten childhood


I remember how we always walked

along the emptying road

Not a thing has changed

Only colors fading here and there

Perhaps its only the heart that is aging


Another year

Another class

We've already learned

Who I am

Who you are

We have lost

What we were

Once a long time ago

What else always brings you

to that forgotten childhood


Remember how we promised without knowing

when and how we'd get back and meet

It seems like only yesterday

but the sun is already setting

Perhaps it's only the excited heart


An old road


Blessing Over the Challah


Shabbat Shalom!

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