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Ceremonies /
Welcoming Shabbat in Chanukah

First of Tevet 5770

Lighting Chanukah Candles


My Top

My top feels extremely important

It spins and spins over and over

To the right, to the left or straight ahead

And it cares about nothing, it is overjoyed


It dances about, enjoying the world

If it tires it falls on its side

Boom, clack, boom clack, it rests.


The top dances, dances all day

It is not busy, is not rushing anywhere

On the ground, on the bench or on a palm

It doesn’t think about anything, it doesn't care


It merely dances around...


I've never seen an unhappy top

Neither chilled nor ill, nor nothing

It simply dances, dances, dances and also sings a bit

Around and around right. left or straight ahead


It merely dances around...


Lighting the Shabbat Candles


May you candle of Shabbat be blessed for us

since you have brought us

tidings of respite.

The whiteness of your illumination

brings the light to our home

in pureness and clarity.

May your sacred flame follow us

in our difficult working days

until you return and light up with us

next Shabbat.


He Who Makes Peace

He who makes peace in his high places

Shall make peace over us

And on all of Israel

And say, and say Amen.


He shall make peace, he shall make peace,

Peace on us and on all of Israel

How is it That a Star

How is it that a single star dares

How does it dare, for G-d's sake

A single star alone.

I wouldn't have dared.

And I, am actually, not alone.

He makes peace


Kiddush Over Wine

Let us look at the wine and its color,

Let us smell its scent,

Let us listen to the sound of clinking glasses,

Let us taste its flavor.

May Shabbat descend upon us

With color, scent, sound and flavor...


When the Lord Said the First Time

The first time the Lord said, let there be light

He meant he should not have darkness.

He hadn't thought that moment about the sky

But the trees had already begun filling with water

And birds received air and body.

And then for the first time the wind blew to its masters eyes

And He saw it in the eyes of HIS honored cloud

and he thought it was good. And he didn't think at that moment about the people, many people.

But they had already thought about themselves

without leaves

And they had already planned a plot about pain.

When our Lord first contemplated night

He had not thought about sleeping.

This way, this way I shall be complacent, though the good Lord.

But they had already multiplied.


Blessing Over the Challah

Shabbat Shalom!

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