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Welcoming Shabbat 3

Come My Beloved to Greet the Bride,

Let us Welcome the Shabbat, A Blessed and Peaceful Shabbat

We Shall Welcome the Shabbat as a Group. We'll enjoy the moment of togetherness and we shall sense renewal from a moment of freedom



Blessed be the light of man, blessed be the light of the world, blessed be the light of justice and peace, blessed is the light of Shabbat.


Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers sit together in unityץ


Vineyard, vine, branch, cluster, color and sound between sacred and profane. The wine flows through the arteries, filling the body with the joy of life. We shall be thankful for the joy, the creativity and the freedom of celebrating Shabbat. To life!



Let us pass around the Challah of the group. We will bless the farmer in the field, the miller who prepares the flour for us, our baker who kneads the dough, and all those who exerted efforts in turning the produce of the earth into a food of life served on our table.


Everything that transpired last week is now a thing of the past. Let us offer it as a sacrifice on an altar. Let us rid of all the pain, the frustration and disappointments. On Shabbat – the soul is renewed.


Shabbat Shalom, Hey!


This is a day of light and joy for Israel, Shabbat of Rest

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