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Welcoming Shabbat - Simple

Adar A

Candle Lighting

Blessed are you G-d, our Lord, King of the universe, who commanded us to light the Shabbat candle.

Welcome Shabbat.

Please bring with you the restfulness

and tranquility that follows a diversified week of bustling work and educational activities. The void in which we could shape endless dreams –

together and separately.


Blessed is your candle.

Candle Lighting / Zelda

To light candles in all of the worlds –

Is Shabbat.

To light Shabbat candles

Is a leap of a soul filled with secrets

to a wonderful mysterious sea

Of the flame of sunset.

When I kindle the lights

My room turns into the River Dinor,

My heart sinks in cascades of emeralds.


Shabbat is the relaxation after creativity and the beginning a new creation. It's a spiritual Sabbatical to renew spirit. A person who had not produced anything in the weekdays, will not appreciate the flavor of Shabbat, and he who does not know the flavor of Shabbat, will not realize the flavor of creation. Shabbat in the life of a producer, as in the life of an entire nation, is virgin soil for the type of thought that leads to actions.

The thought that precedes actions The Shabbat is the bliss of complete rest after toil, in order to  resume  and carry out more and more actions that have already been in the planning.

(Zalman Shazar)

Who loves the Shabbat?

Mother and Father!

Who loves the Shabbat?

Grandpa and Grandma!

Who loves the Shabbat?

You and I and all of us!

Almost the entire world

So why isn't every day Shabbat?

Every day – Shabbat?

Blessed are you G-d, who created the fruit of the vine.

Let us bless over the vine and the fruit of the vine and the produce of the field and

over the delightful and good land.


As tradition Requires

Hold a round of  - 'a good thing and bad thing' (that happened to you during the week)

Blessed are you G-d, King of the universe, who takes out bread from the ground.

We shall say the prayer for bread as a symbol of man's production, the fruit of his toil and of his efforts.

Being that he has the liberty to choose between good and evil and he choose good.

Winter/Gidi Gov

Lyrics: Yoel Lerner

Music: Avner Kaner

We'll tell here about the summer

That's almost gone

Umbrellas and boots

Are taken out of storage


Now – we won't go

To the sea

We'll wear gloves

And warm sweaters

Because it's winter

And the sun disappears

It rains on people's neck

It's winter – and cold

In winter – you need to wear

a coat all winter long

and it rains on your neck

It's winter – and cold!

Let Us Go Beloved
Lyrics: From the hymn of Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz

Music: A. Gabai


Come my beloved, towards the bride;

to welcome the Shabbat
A Peaceful and blessed Shabbat

"And the Lord blessed the seventh day and he sanctified it" – he blessed it with the light of man's countenance, and he sanctified it with the light of man's countenance. Man's demeanor on Shabbat is different than that of the weekdays"

(Bereishit Raba, 11)

Who is the man who desires life, who loves days to see good. Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from deceit. Stay away from evil, do good, seek peace and pursue it.

A Sorrowful Song / Rachel

Do you hear my voice, far one of mine?

Do you hear my voice, wherever you are?

A voice calls fiercely, a voice cries silently

And above time commands blessing


This earth is much and in it there are many paths

meeting narrowly, separating forever

A man asks, but his legs too weak

He will not find what he has lost


The last of my days is close, maybe

Close is the day of farewell tears

I will wait for you until my life burns out

As Rachel* waited for her love

Dear Friend

Greet the friend sitting next to you with a personal Shabbat greeting, wholeheartedly, since a person's demeanor on Shabbat differs that of the weekdays.


Shabbat Shalom!

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