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Welcoming Shabbat - Anti-Racism Seminar

Shabbat Blessing / This and More, By Anonymous Capitalists

One more week has passed in a unique and different way for each individual. And now, we welcome Shabbat, a special date, each one of us marks differently. Regardless of your way of celebrating it, what's most important is to create a different atmosphere, distinguishable from the weekdays. Let us one and all acknowledge the Shabbat in a way that suits us best.

Shabbat Shalom to a-l-l!!!  


Merry Prophetic Cosmic Poem /Yoni Rechter

Like a pillar of cloud, you proceed before the flock

Understand everything, know, do not utter a single word

Like a pillar of fire, disappear in the room

Something within you tells you to continue ahead on your way.


Like the Milky Way crossing the sky

You go straight ahead, disregarding the stars

That shine brightly, blinding your eyes.

Something within you tells you to continue ahead.


Hey, go straight, go alone, do not fear.

Do not rave, go upright, go alone


Like the wild goose that passes over evening skies,

Flies at the head of a arrow, not fearing the distance

And its instinct shows and paves its way

Something within you tells you continue ahead on your way.


Like Brigitte Bardot that already understood the issue

Leaving behind the good and the bad

And watching them from the porch

Something within you tells you –



Without intending, let yourself walk

All calculations shall naturally conclude

Like a tree that came to life from the effoliation

Something within you tells you



Go straight ahead...


Blessing over the Candles

When the Holy-One-Blessed-be-He watched the humans and saw their acts are corrupt, he hid it from them. And where was the light hidden? In the hearts of people. And when they open their hearts to one another, this light shall emanate from them once again.

The candles we light are the symbol of our wondrous capacity to distinguish between our everyday routines to that which is considered sacred.

But why?

If we do not distinguish between light and dark, between impure and holy, how would we distinguish between that which is correct and that which is incorrect?

Blessed are you man with the intelligence that allows you to distinguish between good and evil.




Shalom is a Useful Word

Shalom is a useful word,

Shalom - is uttered a hundred times a day

In the morning, in the evening in cold and in heat

Shalom is a useful  word,

Shalom is uttered at home and all over

In the sea in the air and even in a dream

Shalom is a useful word...




From: Racism as I had Explained it to my Daughter

- Tell me father, what is racism?

-  Racism is quite a widespread practice. It is displayed when we keep a distance of people, who differ from us in their outer appearance and in their cultural manners and – they are also mocked.


The Journey to Israel


The moon watches from above

The knapsack on my back contains my meager food supply

The desert spreads below me, and its endless distance lies ahead

And my mother promises my little siblings.

A bit more, just a little, we shall soon be redeemed.

We will not stop heading to the Land of Israel.


Blessing Over Wine

Wine. It has been widely discussed. It has been sung about. It has been praised. If we sip too much of it, our senses become numb. It may perhaps blur our boundaries between good and bad, between proper and exaggerated.

And it may also blur differences between different people. Between the differences and the prejudice.

Let us bless over the wine, on its beauty and its holy shroud. And let us hope we are capable of utilizing only its good values.


Grey Blow/Monica Sex

She said, Look 
Life is pretty easy 
We will rent a room in south Tel Aviv 
And live like big people 
And we'll live from minute to minute 
We'll find temporary work - nothing serious 
And we'll sign up for unemployment too 
Maybe you'll find some subject to write about
Not something deep, something sweet 
A love story 
with lots of metaphors 
with lots of images 
The hero will be drunk 
Like you are in real life.


There is a beautiful pain that passes quickly 
When I want to not remember 
how I stood there 
how I told her 
That's how you are beautiful 
That's all you need 
That's what I want 
And that's how it will be. 

It happened in the fall of last year 
It comes down like a gray plague over the city 
I remember she said 
I remember everything crumbling 
Maybe you remember 
what do you said 
what are you saying now? 
Maybe I'll find some subject for writing, too 
Something unimportant, something sad 
A love story 
without metaphors or images 
The hero will be drunk 
Like I am in real life 

There is a beautiful pain ...



Road to Israel

and at night bandits attacked

with a knife and a sharp sword

In the desert – my mother's blood,

the moon is my witness

And I promise

my little siblings.


A bit more, just a little,

the dream shall come true

We shall soon arrive

to the land of Israel


In the moon, my mother's image

stares at me. Mother do not disappear

Had she been at my side, she would have

convinced me that I am a Jew.


A bit more, just a little, the dream shall come true,

Soon we'll arrive to the Land of Israel


A bit more, just a little, lift up your feet

Just the last effort for – Jerusalem to greet.



Blessing Over the Challah

We sang songs, we lit candles and drank wine, yet the Shabbat welcoming ceremony had not come to an end. Although we had already performed some of the customs of Shabbat Welcoming, the last custom of eating Challah is the most important one. Let us hope that just as Challah is warm, pleasant and symbolizes home, likewise may our lives be filled with these, and just as the Challahs are sweet, may our lives be sweet and full of sesame.


I do have nausea – without, without Challah!


The Song of the Valley

The weary came to rest

and finish their labors.

Pale night spreads over

the fields of the Jezreel Valley.


Dew underneath and moonlight above,

From Beit Alpha to Nahalal....


Oh, what a night of nights

Silence across Jezreel

Sleep my beloved valley, land of glorious beauty

We shall be your guardians.


The sea of grain is swaying,

the song of the flocks rings out,

This is my land and her fields,

This is the Jezreel Valley.

Bless and praise my country

From Beit Alpha to Nahalal.


Oh what ...


Mount Gilboa is darkened

A horse gallops from shadow to shadow.

A voice is carried high.

Over the fields of the Jezreel Valley.

Who has shot? who has fallen?

Between Beit Alpha and Nahalal...


Oh what...

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