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Holocaust Remembrance Day
the Holocaust and the Uprising – evening ceremony 

Kibbutz Sasa

On the walls of the hall an exhibition that has been loaned by the Ghetto Fighters Museum. In the forefront a table draped in black covered with strips of blue and white. On the tablecloth a vase of flowers and a memorial candle. The lights are dimmed.


  1. Chapter of communion from a booklet published by Yad Va’Shem. Reading accompanied by a violin. Brothers in a burning town.

  2. The Partisans Song – everyone sings together

  3. “I accuse” – from a recording of Gideon Hausner during the Eichmann trial.

  4. Memorial prayer and lighting the memorial candle – by Chaim Grossman

  5. “God full of mercy” – recording

  6. "From that lighting” – Chaim Guri

  7. A section from Egmont by Beethoven

  8. Movie – Night and Fog

The first part of the evening took 20-25 minutes and was strong and very impressive.

The movie also did a good job.

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