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Greeting Shabbat in Tu-Bishvat

Who is the Man

Who is the man

Who desires life

Who loves days

to see good.

Guard your tongue from evil

And your lips from deception

Keep away from bad – and do good,

Seek peace and pursue it.


"Blessed are you G-d, our Lord King of the Universe, who sanctified us with his commandments and ordered us to light the Shabbat candle"

Just as everything that grows from the ground

Has a seed that gives off new plants when you sow it, so is man, anything he creates by the pureness of thought and the capacity of acts is considered an act of seeding, from which new things shall grow and blossom forever.

(Rabbi Charlap Mei Marom)



Lyrics: Ehud Manor

Music: Ariel Zilber

And I saw a cypress tree,

standing firm in a field, facing the sun,

in the hot desert winds and frost and facing off the storm.


The cypress had doubled over, and bowed down to the weeds, without breaking.

And now, that cypress stands up straight up facing the sea, and is still green and towering


Here stands a cypress alone

Facing fire and water

Here stands a cypress alone

Reaching high up to the sky.

The cypress alone is mighty.

If only I could learn ways of a single tree.


And I am like an infant,

broken and incapable. Unable to stand firm, facing the sun.

in the heat waves, winds and frost. Unable to face the storm.


Here stands a cypress, alone...


Friday Night Kiddush

"And the Lord blessed the seventh day and sanctified it" – He blessed it with the luminance of man's face, He sanctified it with the luminance of man's face.

"A man's countenance on Shabbat does not resemble his weekday countenance".  (Bereishit Raba, 11)


"The sixth day. And the heavens and the earth and all their hosts were completed. And G-d finished by the Seventh Day His work which He had done, and He rested on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had done. And G-d blessed the Seventh Day and made it holy, for on it He rested from all His work which G-d created to function".

On wine:  Attention my teachers and rabbis:

"Blessed are you G-d, our Lord, King of the universe, who created the fruit of the vine:"

Planters Song

This is how the planters walk,

With joy in their hearts and a spade in hand,

From the city and from the village

From the valley and from the mountain.

On Tu Bishvat, on Tu Bishvat


Why have you come, planters?

We shall hit the ground and the rocks

And we shall dig holes around

In mountains and on planes.

On Tu Bishvat, on Tu Bishvat


What shall be here, planters

Saplings shall be placed

in every pothole,

An endless forest shall spread its shade

On our barren country.

On Tu Bishvat, on Tu Bishvat


"Once, Honi ha-Me'agel was strolling along. On his way, he saw a fellow planting a carob tree. He asked him: "How long does it take for the carob tree to give off fruit"? The latter answered: "Seventy years".

He asked him further: "Do you know whether you will be alive in seventy years from now so that you can eat from it "? The man replied: "I found carob trees in this world. Just as my fathers have planted for me, I shall plant for my children".

Blessing Over the Bread


Blessed are you G-d, our Lord, King of the universe, who

Takes out bread from the ground.


Now to Fall in Love

Lyrics and Music: Meir Ariel


Look, look at this flower

How it managed love.

As a king with a staminate male crown

With a moist wand of a female.


The scented flower, is given a bee

who penetrates deeply.

sipping the sweetish nectar and flies off

On the way, dropping the pollen to the pistil


Thereby, giving the flower full satisfaction

The potential is realized.

It will also become a fruit for jam and wine

And its nectar shall become honey.


For this reason –

Open a button for the sweet light

A window for rooms of your heart

Now it is allowed, it's allowed now

To blossom on the heart, heart,

Since honey flows from the scent of citrus fruit

And wine from scents of buds

Therefore, it's allowed, now, allowed now.



To integrate hearts with hearts

Now it is allowed, it's allowed now


Look at circles kissing

Attractively French.

A circle of fruit, a circle of honey

The entire surrounding hums about it.


There's a story of someone whose name is "someone",

He sneezes all day

So he was told, "someone" take a tissue

So "someone" answered a tissue is not an issue

What a man he is!


Open a button for the sweet light...


Indeed we return to the end of the orange season

Back to walking.

And sweet father has what

sweet mother needs.


Therefore –

Open a button for sweet light...


Shabbat Shalom!

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