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What is Sukkot for us?

Revivim, 1967

What is Sukkot for us? – The holiday of harvest? The holiday of The House of Water Drawing? A holiday announcing the arrival of autumn? This was the major question we were deliberating on, on the evening summarizing Sukkot of this year. On the one hand, the harvest is closer to our hearts. Sukkot is celebrated at the end of the harvest season in the orchards and the field crops, and the festival is usually suitable for marking these events. On the other hand, if Shavuot gave us the tradition of the Book of Ruth - as a deeper artistic expression of an agricultural event - for Succoth if we go through all the Kibbutz literature connected with the holiday - we find only anthologies of poems and readings appropriate for the holiday.

At the most, to mark the holiday in kindergarten or in the elementary school, we have no viable content derived from tradition or such that has been created in recent years, on which we can base th Festival of Harvest.

On the other hand, autumn has a special significance for us. Perhaps in Revivim, where after a long and exhausting summer, the soul longs for coolness, for clouds and relaxation in the fall - we relive this event to a greater degree and here we do not lack any sources nor artistic expression that we can identify with. Similarly, we realized the secret of the success of the second part of the evening. None of us, members of the squad, has missed the meal in the sukkah. One must view the festivals of Tishrei as a single unit, of which the Rosh Hashanah meal has special significance.

It is not necessary, within two weeks from then, to reconvene for a communal meal in the sukkah, especially as this casts doubts on the possibility of running a program on this evening

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