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May 1st

Gideon Eshet

The Poor also Bequeath their Poverty

More Rich, More Poor

A society, in which income is divided unequally, is a society in which there are no equal opportunities. Just as the rich bequeath their wealth, thus to the poor bequeath their poverty. Prof Moshe Samionov of the Tel Aviv University recently presented Israeli findings, which support American findings: a poor person is as a rule someone whose parents were poor. From this it is also easy to reach the American reality in which violence is an accepted way of achieving targets, and the agreeable percentile withdraws into bunkers with private police to protect them. The rich percentile is represented ideologically by the financial elite of the country. The percentile is in favour of privatization because in this way it manages to put its hand on very valuable public assets. It is in favour of reduction of the tax burden because the rich percentile pays heavy taxes and it is always desirable to pay less.

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