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29th November

Eitan Haber

The Intriguing Juxtaposition in Kaf-Tet November

Pinchas Yurman, author of the book "State in Basic Training," believes that this unusual date format was conceived from the zeal for the Hebrew language that characterized the national institutions and Jewish public at the time. "November” was not up for discussion, but the date itself was easily converted to the Hebrew letter Kaf-Tet.

Motke Naor, one of the intellects of that time, believes that the source of the odd date combination is the name that was given to Mughrabi Square in Tel Aviv long before the events of Kaf-Tet November even took place. Bet-November Square was named for the date of the Balfour Declaration. By the time Kaf-Tet November was coined in 1947, Bet-November Square had long served as a fitting precedent. 

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