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Lola Martinovsky

The Hidden Matza / Belgium

Mishmar Hanegev, 1990

It happened in 1943, during World War II, in a small village in Belgium, where I was hidden by a Christian family.


I was 11 years old back then and I knew that in this village a Jewish family had once lived, with two small daughters.


I studied at the Christian school with the nuns. Only the Mother Superior knew that I was Jewish.

It was April, One day the nun called me to her office and when I entered she asked me to sit and then she took out of her cupboard a thin packet wrapped in silk paper. Before she opened it she asked me if I knew that the festival of Passover was approaching, and then she opened the packet and inside the paper was one white matza.


She broke it into two and let me eat it. She told me that the two Jewish girls once studied with her at school until the Germans came and took the whole family.


The girls gave her the matza and she looked after it to remember them, She couldn’t give me the whole matza.


Of course I was touched and I cried.


The girls never returned.

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