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The Chassid and the Shabbat

"Ours from Us" – Legends of the Sages for Children, Compiled and Prepared by Tikva Sarig, Page 89

The Chassid, Aba Tachna entered his city at twilight of Friday, carrying his parcel on his shoulder.  He encountered an ailing man lying on the side of the road. This ailing man said to Aba Tachna:

"Rabbi, please do me a favor and carry me into the city."

The Chassid responded:

"If I lay down my parcel and carry you, how will I bring sustenance to my family? Yet how can I leave you lying here"?

What did the Chassid do? He took the sick man into the city and then returned and took his parcel and entered the city at sundown. This amazed the all of the villagers:

"Is this what Aba Tachna the Chassid does"?

Just then the Holy-One-Blessed-be-He made the sun shine brightly, so that the Chassid would not have desecrated the Shabbat.

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