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May 1st

Berl Katznelson

The aspiration to cancel the classes

Those who present the socialists as a caricature and as a monster, see the entire socialist party only as a matter of a depressed and despondent class that wants to take upon its shoulders the controlling class and oppress it, they do not have the eyes to see and the heart to understand that the workers’ class party has absorbed and merged within it the best of the human aspirations  of the generations, because socialism does not want one government class over another, but rather the cancellation of the classes and financial inequality. And because socialism does not want to cancel the nations or to subdue or assimilate them but rather wishes to bring about freedom for the entire nation and to impose justice between nation and nation. We do not rely on the grace of nations, but rather we aspire to justice for nations, to an alliance of truth between nations and workers.

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