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David Frishman


And the Lord shall utter, and shall speak to him: Go, return to Egypt and you shall create a nation for me. Do you know how a nation behaves?

Gather the workers and the wretched and all those who sigh from toil and hard labor, and those are afflicted under their oppressors and have nothing left but a heart and in this heart a bit of feeling, and speak to them, and take them out of the house of slavery and deliver them and provide them laws and statutes and turn them into a nation.

And sometimes a man shall create Pitom and Ramesses, and sometimes he shall erect giants in heaven, the pyramids and the obelisks, and some who build sphinxes to last forever and ever, yet all these are hollow and all these creations are oblivious compared to the significant creation when man builds up a nation. And you shall create a nation for me!

Go to Egypt and approach the afflicted and wretched, to the moaners and the persecuted, and say to them that they are slaves – and they will not understand this; and tell them that they are miserable – and they will not realize this; and that their suffering is great and their pains are intolerable and their oppression is excruciating – and they will not believe it; So, open their eyes with force so they may realize the depth of their subjugation and distress and redeem them.

And many people shall follow you from among your brethren, of those whom you are not acquainted with and such that do not know you, and to all the people surrounding who are exposed to bitterness, you shall become a father of many and a head of its tribes, and you shall make people out of the worms and from the people you shall create a nation, and of the dust of the ground you shall create a land.

And Pitom and Ramesses shall vanish and the pyramids and obelisks shall collapse, and the sphinxes shall disappear – and this nation shall stand. Since the nation of the wretched shall not be removed from the face of the earth for as long as the heavens stand upon the earth.

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