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Arieh Ben Gurion

Remains in tradition from the Hasmoneans

Beit Hashita

What remains in tradition from the wars of the Hasmoneans?

Not symbols of heroism, and not tools of war, but rather a candle
The duty to light the candle in every home is the symbol of our victories against the forces of darkness and evil, as a symbol of the duty to quality of life after the victory.
At Chanukah we must light a candle every night, which increases until there are eight candles.

More internal personal light, more light in the family
More revelation of light in the nation:
“Expose light, reveal light, sons of the Maccabees” calls the poet
And when should we light them? “At sun down”.
Darkness is the exile, darkness overpowers around us in the hatred of our neighbours.
Therefore we call on every Jewish home to light candles in the opening to his home and in his window – facing outwards and facing inwards.

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