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Study and Theory/

Brami Lougassi

Punishment / Morocco

Ein Gev, 1990

My father was a rabbi and was meticulous in keeping all the rules and laws of the festivals. We celebrated two Seder Nights – in order to celebrate the festival simultaneously with Jerusalem and in order to punish the Jews who were in the Diaspora, so that they would celebrate two Seder Nights until such time as they would immigrate to Israel and then they would celebrate only one night.

The second night of Passover was very special. After reading the Haggadah we visited neighbours to wish them a happy holiday for a social meeting and to stop any “disagreements” between the neighbours.

On the festival we would dress well. The women had special and shiny costumes, with sparkling golden buttons, gold bracelets and earrings. In addition a a Kletzmer band would pass from place to place and play enjoyable tunes for the guests.

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