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Study and Theory/
Independence Day

Samuel Mohilever

Pioneers of the Settlement


The commandment is to inherit the land – in the past this inheritance was achieved by war, and today it is: to try to buy the land immediately upon settling, and with every piece of land bought, we fulfill the commandment of inheritance.  And the second -  is the commandment of residing in the land and settling in the land; and settlement of the land is: planting vineyards and orchards, building houses and sowing grains and vegetables.

Brothers and friends, my beloved people, dear to me as my own soul, you who have been privileged to ascend to the holy land and to purchase a piece of land, and you have already planted vineyards and built houses on it. – Blessed are you and blessed is your portion, you have seen your world within your lifetime, you are free from the trading gear in which you were entangled by false ropes.

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