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Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

Neither Wealth, nor Property Shall Guarantee Life

founder of 'Torah with Good Manners' School of Thought (Horev)

So that it may be known: If you are rich, man of Israel, that neither wealth nor property, not hopes for acquisition and possessions, and estates, neither human acts and schemes, of which men boast about, neither of these are strongholds shall guarantee and maintain a livelihood, only God alone is the one who sustains all living and maintains their existence...

And if you are poor, man of Israel, if you are so poor that you feel despair, your soul is dry without a thing and there is no help for you in your sorrow, sit under a straw hut, leave your garden that protects you and hides you at least from the wind and the cold, from tides and downpours, humble yourself with a willing soul and become even more impoverished than you are... Trust G-d who sustains all living, even those who dwell in Succot in deserts and in the wilderness, and revives them with springs of water.

But not only are you alone, as a product of your individual personal destiny, shall dwell, as an individual in your sukkah, but also, as a son of Israel, faithful to the covenant that is the destiny of your people must you come into the sukkah! Youth of Israel! Come into the sukkah also as a citizen of mankind: "And it will be at the end of days",  so have our prophets and sages foretold us about the end of days, when humanity shall rise, after gleaning from its history and the chronicles of the generations the faithful recognition that the "emptiness"  they had attempted to achieve had served to base the life on this world will on "possessions and property " alone,  so then  the entire humanity shall also come to the sukkah - to the communal peace sukkah – via  a brotherly union that shall link all of humanity – who, as brothers shall  gather under the protection of the rule of one G-d. The sukkah shall remove from humanity all of its ties and contacts to hell and its ropes that had supported its strides on the mistaken and misleading imagination promoting a G-d-like honor towards possessions and property.  Humanity shall rise from that, it shall turn upwards and then will its entirety be welcomed by God into His succah of peace, which he shall then spread out over all of the families of the earth.

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