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S.Y. Agnon

Many Candles Shine

Yesterday and Two Days Ago, Page 262

Shabbat. Angry faces disappear and every utterance is soft and pleasant, and a lot of candles shine from every house and courtyard, and the whole city is like palace, shimmering with candles and lanterns. Here is a lamp and there is a lantern, here is a bowl full of olive oil, and there are pure white candles. Here are two candles corresponding Zachor and Shamor and - the two tablets of the covenant. There are ten candles commemorating the Ten Commandments. Here are seven candles for the seven days. There are twelve candles symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel. There are houses and courtyards where there is no lit candle to be seen on ordinary nights, yet when Shabbat comes, the whole house shines brightly.

People who do not seem important to you on weekdays, now look like sublime beings, angry faces are gone and every eye is lit up.

At this time the skies above take on beautiful shades, this may be the case since the Shabbat garments are reflected in them or - Shabbat garments are beautiful since the radiance of the sky is reflected in them at the arrival of Shabbat.

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