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Holocaust Remembrance Day

S. Bareznitz

Man Trembles

In order to fight the anticipated changes to the collective image of the Holocaust we need an additional act. We need to give a new language of imagery which can safeguard the Jewish message in a better fashion. Several examples will clarify:

Question: “How many were killed?”

Answer: “Six million”

Question: “Is that a lot?”

Answer: “Yes, a lot.”


However here is a different answer:

“Imagine if every word in the Torah symbolizes the name of a Jew who was murdered in the Holocaust, which unlike the Torah which we read according to tradition from the beginning to the end, over one year, the holy book of names would take seventy five years to read”.


And here is another answer:

“Imagine a queue of people in which each one stands at a distance of one meter from the next, the queue starts in Jerusalem, continues through the olive trees of the Judean Mountains, descends to the citrus orchards of the Sharon, reaches the sea, enters the water, and goes to Cyprus and Greece, reaches Peloponnese, crosses ancient Greece, again enters the sea in the west, comes out next to ancient Rome. This never ending queue of young and old Jews, standing a meter apart from each other now turns to the north to cross the Alps and reaches what was the German Reich, still crowded and twisting it finds itself at the gates of Auschwitz, and from there – unbelievably so – the queue twists through blood-soaked Europe all the way back to Jerusalem, the circle of people is closed, their number – six million.”

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