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Jacob Yanai

Let's Return the Original Content to the Holidays

"On the Road" 7, Sivan 1926, Ramat Yohanan Archive

The holidays were established when the people of Israel were settled on their land ... The farmer labored and worked all year round endlessly and without stopping to rest ... And now the year of labor was over. The farmer ingathered his crops ... and could rest a bit ... he could go up to Jerusalem ... and when the ties with the land were cut off, and instead of a working and living nation, it became a detached and wandering nation, and the true format of the holidays was gradually neglected.

And now as we are returning to that type of life of labor and work ... slowly communicating with the land ... we feel the true taste of the holiday ...


We will know how to bring all the joy when witnessing the grain harvest ... Let us return to the holidays their original content!

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