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Lag Ba'omer

Dr Zvi Caspi

Lag Ba’Omer in the Life of Shay Agnon

Hatzofe, 1996

And here are Agnon’s words about the clashes that occurred on Lag Ba’Omer: “On Lag Ba’Omer 5669 I was lucky to immigrate to Israel and I walked through this world for six years alike the Hebrew slave, and in the seventh year I left Israel”. In the article “On the day that I became an honorary citizen of Jerusalem” we read: “Gentlemen of blessed memory they said in the Gemara, Taanit 29:1, We pass on the privilege to one who is entitled to it. When I look at the clashes that occurred to me on Lag Ba’Omer it seems to me that the Sages did not speak about all of Israel but rather about one man from Israel like me. I married my wife may she have a long life on Lag Ba’Omer, I finished “In the Heart of Seas” on Lag Ba’Omer, I started writing the book “Days of Awe” on Lag Ba’Omer. And several other foreign occurrences happened on Lag Ba’Omer “Follow to the Plain” translated to Swedish was published on Lag Ba’Omer, the rumour that I had been granted a doctorate by the wise people of America reached me on Lag Ba’Omer, and if I add here the miracle that happened to me fifty years ago and more during the celebrations for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai at Meron, when a balcony fell and twenty seven people were killed and whereby just a while before that had stood there with all the holy people and I survived alive, then I really do have a privilege today”. 

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