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May 1st

Y.H. Brenner

I will not work on the First of May, whatever happens!

The First of May

  • Ah, yes, the first of May, the first of May ….the winter passed and we didn’t notice…that is how the days pass. That is how the wheel turns.

  • He’s already asking for a way out, a way to escape from the question presented directly to him – said a psychologist in the group.

  • If you don’t whisper about both of us – Baruch also added

  • What do you want from me? Yudelevitch cried. Recently he chuckled as if to say – is there is no option of demonization here? What do you want?

  • Indeed. Not here! The tall sisters said innocently and regretfully – but they hadn’t been overseas….

  • So, let’s assume that even overseas there are not many demonstrations, there are no grandiose manifestations – even the thick sisters started getting angry.

  • Why? Let’s hasten to prove it – because this year our festival of freedom falls on a weekday. I, for example, said to the owner of my printing shop “Even if this is dependent on my place of work for all the days of my life – I will not work on the first of May, whatever happens! Even if this is at a risk to life – I will not come to the printing shop”. However it was impossible to demand such a thing from the professional unions in each and every country to decide to celebrate our festival. I forgive them completely! The English trade unions (he suddenly started speaking from his heart), for example, answered: who of us wants to leave work on one of those days? If the day fell on Sunday, on your Sabbath – ah. Then it would be something completely different. A completely different thing!...

  • And in evidence several years ago, I remember, the first of May fell on a Sunday….

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