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Moshe Mazovovsky

I am impressed

Givat Hashlosha, 1971

I am impressed by the technical aspect associated with the organization of the party - - But how is the content of this evening related to the harvest festival, and the holiday of Sukkot? Kill me and I will not understand the connection. The only item that reminds us of something about the aforementioned holiday -  is the names of the groups who showed up for the quiz - - -

Please understand my dear friends, the members of the holiday group, that we owe you our thanks and blessings for each holiday you prepare for in one form or another; But let us not forget the great problem that our generation was forced to deal with - it is the problem of giving new content to Jewish holidays drawn from traditional religious sources that take on a secular form suitable to our concepts and reality.

This is a significant and important problem. We, who have exited from the Diaspora lost something precious - the rich experiences that were associated with every Jewish holiday.

Wonderful experiences, that, to this day, when I remember them I really miss the joy and their special taste. I will not elaborate. Those who went through it as children, in the Diaspora, understand what this is about. The young people will not understand in any case because they did not feel it.

But it was all gone. It is lost to us.

But the problem must concern us: how to escape the desert and the desolation that accompanies us and marks our holidays.

The past has been lost for us and the new has not yet been established, and therefore there is a dangerous cultural-spiritual void in this area.

And with all due respect and appreciation to those who are active, please understand that the evening you prepared for us could have been carried out any day of the year on eves of Sabbath, as an evening of entertainment and of lifting spirits, especially that an orchestra was invited for dances! It's all nice and pleasant.

But what is the connection between this for the harvest festival and the holiday of Sukkot - it is difficult to understand -

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