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Miriam D.

Chanukah after the bombing

Lahavot Habashan, 8.12.58

Every year flocks and flocks of migrating birds migrate from country to country.
Every year winds blow in the heavens and on earth. Every year we will light the Chanukah candles together and separately.

How strange it is that everything is completely normal, nothing has changed in our lives. How is this possible?

However in our hearts something has changed, our security is not as stable as it was, our home has suddenly been damaged! We are facing destruction and for one moment it seems that our tears have been lost in our eyes. However life does not give, life demands and demands and demands....and there is no time for weeping which perhaps would have been a good thing, a release.

Thus our heart hardens at a time of sorrow and alike a giant our bodies rise against the disaster and expels it – again we are building, again there are plans for the future, rain falls, a rain of blessing for the fields, a rain that washes away, washes away, washes away the memory of the events, goes into our bones, knocks on our brains: forget....forget…forget.

We rebel, we do not want to forget, however life forgets, the wadi flows and it doesn’t care where it flows to, we are the only ones who care, we care and we will always care! However we are swept away with the flow of life, because that is our nature and it seems good, in this way it is easier. What can grow from bitterness and anger and fear?

Indeed after the storm it is quiet again. The rain has stopped and already the birds are chirping.
We also go outside and again we will sing and with the songs our hearts will expand.
In the flames of the Chanukah candles we dream......
Our past has passed before us and the future is hidden somewhere out there...
Suddenly we will awaken and behold the children have grown, they are lighting a candle for us and in our hearts there was light – it is warm around us and we welcome the happy festival. How good it is that this is possible and Happy Festival!

A lot of water has flowed since then in the wadi and will continue to flow.... 
And our hearts, will they beat with the same rhythm and with the same belief?
We pray so.

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