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Eli Ben Gal

As I Sit in the Sukkah with My Friend

When I sit in the Sukkah with my friends, and group singing rises like a prayer of Jews who have no G-d, I think a lot about the fruit of our hands and do not dare to say what is in my heart: If an earthquake comes and opens its mouth and swallows everything we had created, our buildings, workshops, homes and chicken coups. And all the wonderful trees we had planted and cultivated with great effort, and the fire shall consume every piece of furniture, every book and picture and work of art and clothing. And we alone remain on this hill, if we can say beyond the sorrow: "Even if we had known in advance that all the work would be destroyed, what we had lived was worth living", Then, only then, will we have fulfilled our mission and our achievements are assured. This cannot be taken from us because it is within our essence. More than we have come to build, we came to be built.

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