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Rosh Hashana

A holiday blessing for Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is a holiday of heart wishes! A holiday in which we wish and request:
That a year and its blessings shall begin.
Let the next year be for us, sweet as honey.
That our year will come in peace and our days be alive!
That our trees shall bear their fruits and our fields be saturated.
Let our house be filled with people, and our walk be steady.
There are holidays for laughter and holidays for bravery,
There are holidays for freedom and holidays for the Torah.
Rosh Hashana is a holiday of hope. The holiday of eternal hope.

A strange and wonderful creature is man. Between blows and disappointments,
Between rivers of failure and waves of hatred, he navigates the ship of hope.
In a world where stars are born and fade with no beginning nor end – 
Lifeless and meaningless, man finds balance across the abyss.
Year after year he believes, hopes for the best
And turns his life to a miracle of meaning and joy.
Rosh Hashana 5770: A year has passed and became the past.
Like another ring was formed in the tree of the Kibbutz, with its happy times and sadness.
This day a new year was born.
The air is filled with the wings of hope for a year of peace, momentum and renewal.
Between sadness and bliss, between mourning and joy.
We shall further wish: let a year and its curses end,
and let a new year and its blessings begin!

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