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Yom Hazikaron
The Other Days

Lyrics: Haim Hefer

Music: Dubi Selzer

We will still see the other days,

That are over the smoky, burning mountains

We will still see the other days

Ascending, coming from the valley, descending on us from the mountains

Laughing with the spring, the loves, the youth

And the things that we have already forgotten how they look.


We will still see the other days

The other days


We will go out to welcome them from perforated buildings

From the bomb shelters and the blackened fields

We will go out on crutches from their dazzling light

From the top of the war antennas we sing like a thousand birds

And we will look at them closely, with clear gazes

And the guitars of a thousand young boys accompany their song


We will still see the other days.....


We will still see the other days,

Proud like chapters of the bible, beautiful like the Song of Songs

Flowing like a cascade in the desert, pink like dawn in the mountains

Days of grace and tranquillity, quiet and happy days,

And only during the “remembrance prayer”, during the moments of contemplation

We will again tell everything, and we will eulogize the boys

And we will hear the sound of arms, and the barrage of bullets

And the battle that took place then with the momentum of the greats


We will still say the other days...

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