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Rosh Hashana

S.Y. Agnon “Days of Awe”

Now we look for a new way

Once our teacher, Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, said: A man wanders for a few days in the forest and does not know which way to go. Suddenly he saw another man walking towards him. Great joy filled his heart, now he would surely know the right way. When they met each other, he asked him: "Brother, tell me where the right path is. I've been wandering for days. He said to him: My brother, I do not know myself, since I have been wandering here for a few days as well, but I will tell you of the way I went, I can tell you that following this way you are lost. And now we'll look for a new way.

Yes, we can tell you that the way we have gone so far, we should not walk, that way we get lost. But now we will look for a new way.

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