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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Haim Gouri

From that lighting

From that lighting, which scratched your tortured and burnt bodies

We carried fire – a torch illuminating our souls

And we lit the flame of freedom

With which we went to battle for our land.

Your pain, which is unique in suffering

We cast into the iron hewers and threshers with sharp teeth;

We turned our offence into guns;

Your eyes into a lighthouse for ships, battles at night ...

From the torches of your ruined city

We took a sooty and shattered stone

And it became the cornerstone and the foundation stone

For the stone in the wall which cannot be breached

Your song, which suffocated in the flames

Was raised by the crushing companies alike a vow

And they stood with daring and honour

And the ancient hope which is never lost –

We avenged your bitter and lonely deaths

With our fists, that was heavy and is hot;

To the burnt ghetto we built here a monument

A monument to life, which will never cease

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