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Words of Parting from the Deceased

We are gathered here today by the grave of ______ to speak some final works of farewell.

We are a large number standing here, members, children and friends

With great pain and grief we bury you between the layers of our earth

Today we are gathering memories

To remember that you were with us, together we journeyed on our life in our kibbutz home

To remember that a living person has left the world

Our home is engulfed in sadness and your family is smitten with sorrow. We are so sorry that this has been your fate.

(And you are a child/a youngster/still in the spring of your days/notwithstanding the long days that you lived on this earth)

When a man is born – an entire world is born: to live, to laugh, to work, to love, to hurt, to desire

(When the man dies/falls/is killed) an entire world is extinguished

Every man and his path, he will walk on this earth

Therefore our home is immersed in sorrow and your family is smitten with grief today.

The life of man that continues from birth to the grave in which he is buried – are full of life

You lived your life to the best of your ability

Just as we are happy at the birth of someone, thus we grieve on his passing

At the edge of another experience we stand at the time of farewell

If we have sinned against you – please forgive us

If we used your name, even once, falsely – please forgive us today

Because we remember you well

We are gathered here a hurting and mourning gathering to say farewell to you, to express our genuine condolences to your family

Take a final blessing of peace to your place of rest

Peace and rest to your ashes

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