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To Grow Old

Israel Ring

Ein Hamefratz

To grow old, to grow old with respect

To stop running away from the terrible word. From the biology

To capture it, because in fact – it’s not so terrible!

Because so much depends on you. The wisdom of your hands, your facial expression

Lack of knowledge that will not stop you from listening and understanding, from learning and improving

Do not miss out! Neither face nor blood!

Even when they get along without you, when it is permitted to rest, to relax with honour

To look at the fields that have grown, at the view that is becoming occupied by your work and mine

Your friends;

In the high heavens above the peaks of the cypress trees

To have a “hobby”, to continue studying

To embroider something unexpected for yourself. To look even more around you.

To feel properly that it was not in vain

That everything below, and around and around, continues to flow – also because of the power of your flow

That it was all worth it.

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