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Welcoming the Shabbat on Chanukah 1

Lighting the Chanukah Candles

My spinning top
My spinning top feels terribly important
It goes around and around again and again
Around and around right, left or straight
And it doesn’t care about anything – it is happy.

It dances just for fun and enjoys the world
If it gets tired it falls over on
Its side
Boom bam boom bam it rests

The spinning top dances, dances all day long
It is not busy and is in no hurry to get anywhere
On the floor, on the bench, on your palm
It doesn’t think of anything, it does not care

It dances just for fun....

I have never seen an unhappy spinning top
It never has a cold and is never sick, nothing
It just dances dances dances and also sings a bit
Around and around right left or straight

It dances just for fun....

Lighting the Shabbat Candles

Blessed be for us the Shabbat candle
Because a message of rest
It brings us
And your light
Brings light to our home
And purity and clarity
Rest blessed flame
Until you return and give us light
Next Shabbat

He makes peace

He makes peace in His heaven
He will make peace for us
And for all of Israel
And say, say Amen

He will make peace, He will make peace
Peace for us and for all of Israel


How can it be that a star

How can it be that one star alone dares
How does it dare, for goodness sake
One star alone
I wouldn’t dare
And I, actually, am not alone
Let’s make peace

Blessing over the wine

We will look at the grape juice and its colour
We will smell its aroma
We will listen to the sound when it kisses the glass
We will taste its flavour
Let Shabbat come to us
With colour, aroma, sound and flavour

When G-d said for the first time

When G-d said for the first time let there be light
He meant that there should be no darkness here
He didn’t think at that moment about the skies
But the trees already started to be full of water
And the birds received air to fly in
Then the first wind blew in the eyes of our Lord
And He saw with His own eyes a cloud of honour
And He thought that it was good, He did not think at that moment
About the human beings, human beings for the most part
But they already had started thinking about themselves without
And it already started to develop in their hearts
A conspiracy of suffering
When our Lord thought at the beginning of the night
He did not think about sleep
Thus, thus I will be happy, G-d said in his good
But they were already the majority

Blessing over the Shabbat bread

Have a good Shabbat!

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